Onyx Collective perform in Tokyo for Slam Jam’s pop up.

“Summer Spice ‘17”

Manon Macasaet takes us into Greenwich Pottery House to show us one of her favorite hobbies, and discuss her Summer '17 crushes with Sabrina Fuentes.

Director: Parks Department/Manon Macasaet

“Grown Fun”

Dodgeball game in the West Village on a hot summer night. We could have watched them play for hours.

Director: Parks Department

"Only God Can Judge You"

Written by: Eric Elms

Powers' Eric Elms is fed up with your basic ways.

"Gun Control Now"

Directed by: Aaron Koenisberg

A llook at where Gun Control laws stand in the US.

"Tokyo Tantrum"

Director: Manon Macasaet

This video Manon shot in Japan was cut to accompany Pretty Sick's performance at our Winter Dance party at China Chalet in February.



*The audio on this video is mono so don't be alarmed. :)

(You Make Me Feel Like)


Lina McGinn's installation, "(You Make Me Feel Like)," explores performativity in the everyday through the re-contextualization of two pop-culture icons: the 1967 hit, "(You Make Me Feel Like) a Natural Woman," written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin, as performed by Aretha Franklin, and the ubiquitous, roadside Air Dancer (also known as a Tall Boy or Tube Man). Both the song and the tube figure exist in an in-between: the song, slowed down to an unfamiliar pitch, places the voice into a limbo of neither this nor that. Simultaneously the Air Dancer rises, folds in on itself, drags, doubles over and rises up again. Perpetually falling, it never reaches its full height. Confined within a too-small space, trying and failing to ‘be’ is replayed in an endless cycle.

Raul Muñoz and Techno. That's a good combination.

Director: Raul Muñoz

Raul rides again!!!

Director: Raul Munoz

Take a trip through Raul Munoz's mind as he rides his bike to techno tunes.

Director: Raul Munoz

"Gluttons of Culture Shall Be Mired In Their Own Waste"

Our promotional video for a collaborative shirt we did with Know Wave.

Model/Music: Billie Alexopoulos

Camera: Alon Sicherman

Director: Parks Department

The Dawn Lombardi Show Episode 6 Promo

The Dawn Lombardi Shoe Episode 5 Promo


The Dawn Lombardi Show Episode 4 Promo

The Dawn Lombardi Show Episode 3 Promo

"Hi There Billy"

Director: Anna Pollack

Anna Pollack shows us opposing mainstream images of African American’s in this powerful short made up of found imagery. The soundtrack prominently samples Southside Movement's "I'Been Watching You" as remixed by Slauson Malone and weaves all of the "sampled" footage together to help create a narrative.

The Dawn Lombardi Show Episode 2 Promo

The Dawn Lombardi Show Promo Episode 1


Director: Madeline Poole

A diary of Madeline Poole's trip to Havana with her sister. The trip happened to fall on the same weekend that Fidel Castro died. In the streets though, it looked like business as usual.